Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh the Places You'll Go.... Old Oakland

I have this taken this blog idea from Miss V.  She has done many posts about different adventures that she has taken in her city and in places she visits.  I think it is so clever and gives me a great reason to explore!

A while back I was walking around downtown Oakland.  It was a chilly, overcast day and I thought about how beautiful the gray sky was against the old buildings.  
G.B. Ratto's
Established by Giovanni Battista Ratto in 1879, this unique International Grocery is widely accepted as a bustling memorial to its founder, Giovanni Battista Ratto, an Italian immigrant who initiated some truly enduring principles in customer relations.

The Fox Theater
The Oakland Fox Theater, a 2,800 seat movie theater originally opened its doors on October 27, 1928 in downtown Oakland, California.  Reestablishing the movie industry, the Fox offered the opportunity to stray from the silent films and helped introduce the “talkies” by having a live stage show.  The complexity of the Fox’s design portrayed a very lavish lifestyle. Reflecting luxury and class by its beautiful structure.

It really got me thinking about how much I love my city.  This part of the city, tucked between the freeway and big downtown buildings, is one of my favorite parts of Oakland. The restaurants are yummy, the stores are locally owned, and most of my favorite going out spots to go are right down there. 
If you haven't been I suggest you visit....Old Oakland!

Now playing....The Dock of the Bay an old favorite
performed by Sara Bareilles
Although it isn't about Oakland...it is about another wonderful Bay Area city.



  1. LOVE love and love this Ms. Graham!! Great pics and makes me want to head across the bay and take a little walking tour with you! Perhaps a weekend soon? xoxo

  2. Love this post, as would your grandmother, G10. Her family lived at 5th and Alice when she was born - now it's under the freeway!

  3. You're right, Ms. Graham, there are some wonderful finds in your city........including you!