Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa's Ten Celebrate Again

14 years ago marked the very first Sexy Nine Christmas party.  Several 14 year olds got together to celebrate the Christmas season for the first time.  Some had been friends for years already and others had just met shortly after entering high school...all would be friends for many years to come.

I remember being so excited that this group of girls, this popular group of beautiful girls, had invited me to share in a night of laughs, merriment, and friendship.  Little did we know, this would be a tradition for so many years to come.  We decided that Secret Santa would be exciting and much more affordable than buying each girlfriend an individual gift.  On the menu were various items that we asked our mom's to cook or threw together ourselves with little or no culinary ability.

Years later, we left for college and began making new friends.  Yet, every Christmas season, we looked forward to planning and celebrating our annual Christmas party.  Secret Santa stopped and we signed up to bring an appetizers, main dish, dessert, or a vegetable.  After we celebrated with each other, we ventured for a night out on the town.

Then we graduated college and moved out of our parents' houses.  We began having parties at OUR own homes and condos and eating like queens.  As every year has brought firsts - boyfriends, apartments, careers, fiances, husbands, pregnancy- this year was no different.  Instead of spending money on gifts for each other, for the first time we spent money on a mother and her son who are much less fortunate than us.

After dinner, we shared our gifts for the baby boy, played Christmas music, and wrapped tons of presents for our adopt-a-family to open on Christmas morning.

Please enjoy a few photos from our magical and memorable evening...
The house was decorated
The holiday treats were abundant.
Tasty hor d'ourves
A beautiful tree with all the trimmings and trappings.
A festive table scape.
Friends that are family...
We drank...

We ate...

 We celebrated upcoming birthdays and laughed...
We shared our presents...
And we wrapped the presents for our family...
Thank you again Dr. Chavez-Grinde for hosting...
And thank you to my favorite ladies in the world.  The last 14 years have been unforgettable.  I will love you always and treasure our unique and lasing bond.  Things only keep getting better with time.
Now playing...You've got a friends by James Taylor


  1. LOVE this!! Love my friends and all of our special memories together. xoxox

  2. I 100% agree...our friends are the best.