Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday....

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I am loving my perm!  Yes, I went through with it and it turned out wonderful.  Miss V said it was "beachy" which is EXACTLY what I was going for.  LOVE

I didn't really love the was stinky and I was freaking out the entire time but I LOVE the final product.  (Please ignore my dorky pictures and just look at my hair!)

 Most of all, I am simply LOVING Mrs. Hall and baby Ryland.  
I am so proud of my friend and her step into mommyhood.
In the top two pictures he's wearing one of the outfits I got for him...Mrs. Hall says they must have been made for him because they fit perfectly.  

It is so special to see a good friend become a mother.

In the spirit of new babies and mommies...
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  1. LOVE the new hair!!!!! I got blonde tips LOL so the 4th grade at PAES is going to be VA-VA-VOOM!!!!!!