Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Relationships: Best Friends

Here is the third installment of Relationships.  This post features some of my closest friends.  I have many good friends but only a few best friends.  Not including family or high school girlfriends the individuals in this post are very special people in my life and here's why....

Gina...Ahhhhh Gina has taught me many things such as the benefits of having many pairs of sunglasses and TJ Maxx, as well as when and where the next sale might be happening.  She has taught me to enjoy a glass of wine and that the Andrea Bocelli Live in Tuscany DVD cannot be watched too many times!!!  Gina taught me the benefits of having an Aerobed handy for impromptu slumber parties and the importance of making and keeping plans.  She introduced Rascal Flatts to me and keeps me current on my country music. 

Cory (on the right)... Though he may not know it, Cory has taught and continues to teach me so much.  He has taught me to live for today and take opportunities when they come.  He has shown me that distance and time do not change the love friends have for each other.  Cory has taught me that you don't need to be a product of your environment and countless one-liners.  Cory taught me about Mac Dre and to watch out for reckless eyeballs.  He taught me that sometimes a King Cobra and a friend can make for a fabulous evening. 

Jessica...One of my oldest friends.  Jessie has taught me to enjoy breakfast - random but we would always have a really great breakfast at her parents house when we were kids...I will never forget those.  She has taught me to never be cheap when it comes to shoes and turned me on to the show Parking Wars.  Jessie has taught me that you can be a fashionista and sweatpants kind of girl all at once.  She has taught me that some relationships can always pick up where they left off months before and all about Janet Jackson and toffee nut lattes.  She has seen me through ups and downs and will always be a best friend of mine.

Shamonica... A newer friend of mine who has taught me a great deal.  Shamonica has taught me to laugh and take a joke.  She has helped me become more assertive and helped keep many a creep away at various bars around Oakland.  Shamonica is a hardworking mother and loyal friend.  Her children are a very special part of my life and so is she...I lover you.

Lance... He has taught me all I ever needed to know about BROADWAY and performance.  He has helped me be a better teacher and given me advice about everything from lesson plans to wine pairings.  Lance has taught me the importance of staying true to yourself and how to do my best Dream Girls moves on the Wii.  Lance is a daily reminder of the importance of being healthy, living life fully, and to seize the day. 

Marissa.... VEGAS!  My best friend what can I say.  Marissa has taught me the benefits of a good bath and to always wash my face before bed.  She told me about the fabulous Bare Minerals foundation that I have been using ever since she made a random trip to the bay 6 years ago.  Marissa taught me that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.  She has taught me to laugh at myself and say what I mean and mean what I say.  Marissa has been a person I can talk to about everything - shampoo, politics, boys, and taxes!  She has taught me that I am not perfect and that's just fine.  Marissa has taught me the importance of keeping in contact with friends in far places.  Marissa is my best friend and I cannot say enough great things about her...I love you M. from Doghouse.

In the spirit of friendships and music
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