Friday, February 11, 2011

Fabulousness on Friday...

  I jump at the chance to get advice from children.  This weekend a good friend of mine is having a baby shower.  As I carefully packed the teeny tiny clothes in the sweet little packaging, I was trying to come up with something clever to add to my gift.....and I thought of my 29 lovely students and all of the fantastic wisdom that they have to offer.  Their pure and youthful insight is priceless.  So, I said to my students, "A friend of mine is having a baby!  She has never been a mom before.  She and her husband are going to encounter A LOT of new and challenging things.  What advice would you give new parents?"

Here are a their responses:

"Give your baby milk and lots of toys so he doesn't cry."

"Go to sleep in the morning and stay up and night and tell your husband to keep a good eye on the baby."

"Buy the baby stuff before you bring the baby home so you can be prepared.  Baby proof the house!"

"Always keep an eye on your baby."

"If your baby cries maybe he's hungry, sleepy, or you got to change his diapers.  Try not to make him cry."

"Don't have twins, they are a handful!  They fight over toys and wrestle in your tummy."

"Love your baby and give your baby lots of kisses."

"Put that baby in an automatic rocker when you want him to calm down."

"Babies are REALLY whiny and you and your husband should split the duties up."

"When your baby come out, love him with all your heart because babies grow up quickly."

"Keep a hat on the baby.  Get one of those Fisher Price speaker phones and then you can hear what the baby is doing while you're in the other room."

"Read your baby bedtime stories before he goes to sleep.  Keep your eye on the baby to make sure he doesn't get hurt.  When he's crying give him a pacifier.  If you have more kids you could name them after me, Hanif."

"Buy a baby swinger so you can spend time with your husband." 

"Get a rocker and you might want to try headphones if he cries a lot."

"Buy him a bed before you bring him home."

"Take turns taking care of the baby."


"To keep the baby happy don't put the covers on top of his head and don't shake your baby.”

How tender?!  These thoughtful and kind 8, 9, & 10 year olds really have the right idea.... Share duties, have everything in order before you bring the baby home, and love the baby.  It always makes me smile when they take adult situations and break them down so simply. 

My Friday was filled with many fabulous things.... Sunshine, a cute spring dress, my favorite earrings, fun 100th day of school activities, parent volunteers, the ADELE song "Rolling in the Deep", my homemade cornbread, and the excitement of a weekend packed with my favorite people and fun activities.  


I hope you have had a wonderful Friday.....

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  1. Hi! New follower- I LOVE LOVE LOVE Adele's Rolling in the Deep. I've been listening to it nonstop lately.