Monday, November 21, 2011

30 days of thanks...21, 22, 23

Continuing on with my 30 days of thanks.  It is easier to do a few days at a time, so here are my thanks for 21, 22, & 23.

21. I am thankful for Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Ohhhh this show provides me with endless one-liners and entertainment.  

Phaedra is are a few of my favorite quotes from
Ms. Phaedra:

"What in the world is Kim wearing? She is like Jessica Rabbit gone bad."

"You wanna go head to head, we can do that all day… if you wanna get your wig pulled off."

"A prayer cloth is a covering so that you don't offend people with your luscious thighs and kneecaps when you're in service."

"I like everything about the dead... cause they're so quiet. I mean, think about it, how quiet it would be to be in a room with no one that is alive."

Haha she is so ridiculous and I am thankful to watch!

22. I am thankful for the movie Love Actually.  I have seen this movie SO many times.  It makes me laugh and cry every time I watch.  It is the perfect rainy day movie.  I recently watched with Lance and Laura...we sang along with our favorite songs, worked on a puzzle, ate yummy snacks and enjoyed each other’s company. 

23. I am thankful for my cat Lucy.  She loves me dearly and keeps me company when the house is empty.  Currently, she is snuggled right up next to me just sleeping.  She is lazy, loyal, and loveable.  
Until next time...

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