Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I simply love Christmas.  I am filled with joy and happiness.  I spend more time with friends and family and even have a few weeks off work.  Here are a few things that I am looking forward to this holiday season....
Mike and I will have our own little tree.  I plan on collecting little boxes and wrapping them to put under our tree to make it look more festive.  Because I have a curious kitty I don't like to put actual presents under the tree this year.

Miss V posted this cute idea on her page and I think I will actually wrap my presents this way!  So cute!

Christmas time means BAKING!!  I look forward to making some old favorites....
My dad's famous sugar cookies

Freshly baked gingerbread.

And trying new recipes...

I also, look forward to snow...

And watching the sledding disasters at Spooner.  Lawn chairs and a beer is all I need to settle in for TONS of laughs.

And building gingerbread houses...

But most of all Santa, I look forward to the happiness and joy that is around during the holidays.  Homes are decorated, snow is falling, nights are longer, and there is a magical feeling in the air.  No matter how old I get, I still have a giddy feeling on Christmas morning and get chocked up when I see my nephew watch you pack the final items in our stockings.

Now playing...All I want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

All my love to you this holiday season.

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