Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh November how I've missed you.

I cannot believe it is already November.  There is all this build up to Thanksgiving and the month seems to roll by slower than a slug!  I do love how the air turns crisp and the nights are long.  I adore cuddling up with my snuggle buddy, watching movies, and drinking lots of tea. I am excited to enjoy some of my favorite things about November...

Warm cozy blankets.

A nice hot fire.

Playing in the rain.

Cute and fashionable rain boots.

Little tea cups that make me feel like a princess at high tea.

Trees in transition.

Umbrellas used to accessorize an outfit. 

Homemade pumpkin break.

This month always makes me happy.  I delight in unpacking my favorite sweaters and scarves.  The holiday season begins and exciting events with friends and family occupy my free time.   I spend a lot of time baking and entertaining.  What a wonderful time of year...

Now playing Gone baby, don't be gone by Erykah Badu

What do you love about November?


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